LIPP & Sohn, Stuttgart (Extended End)  Serial #30807 c1910


We’ve reconditioned quite a few of these beautiful top class uprights over the years, but this is without doubt the best of the bunch. This extended end instrument has longer bass strings than most medium size grands, and the original brass candlesticks and side handles are in superb condition. The bottom 7 notes need a specialist tuning tool!

It was owned by a local dance teacher and I was very lucky to come across it. I have had it in my own home for the last 2 years because of it's exquisite tone and charachter. The bass is full and rich, while the treble is as clear as a bell right up to the top note.

It has the original ivory keys perfectly preserved. All keybed felts and key bushings have been replaced, and the action has been given our usual thorough rebuild. Details on request.